About me

My name is Daniel de Fuenmayor and I have been working on web projects and multimedia creation since 2000. From the times where (let’s be honest) Flash was the only real alternative for a Richmedia interactive web, to the more recent times where a better web standards based web, with an amazingly evolving HTML5, CSS3 and JS has open a lot of ever growing possibilities.

A technical background

Coming from a technical background (i am a telecomunication engineer), where being up to date and always in a ‘learning mode’ is common ground, I believe on the importance of the final product, the project, and on the importance of choosing the appropriate tool for each of them. There’s not a master key that solves all projects, but yes there is always a more appropriate set of tools for each of them.

A graphic interest and profesional experience

Putting aside the technical background I have always been very interested on the more graphical and interactive side of multimedia world. From illustration and design (two very different fields in the graphic world), to user interaction, ergonomy, motion design or pure animation.

Joining both worlds

Therefore from the beginning and thanks to the multimedia content available for the web I have been able to join the two sides of the coin on a large part of my projects. 

A brief background history

5 years on webagency (Grey Interactive Paris, followed by Fullsix Paris and later Nurun Paris) have give me the experience of a collaborative environment, a team work, close deadlines and dealing with big clients and big infrastructures.

Having established myself as a freelance since 2003 gave me the opportunity to deal with a miscellaneous of projects, try on new projects and tasks. An opportunity of been up to date in an ever evolving web environment.

You can find more information about myself on my LinkedIn profile

Partnering and collaboration

Keep on truckin' !

Is in the nature itself of the freelance to keep yourself up to date on the new techniques and tools that perfect your work. However nowadays multimedia content (in its graphical or technological paths) evolve in an everyday increasing pace. Keeping up to date in all multimedia content becomes a rather difficult task to acomplish and you will find yourself trying your best keeping track on all the new technologies but finally trying to choose just a few ones to master.

A need of colaborative work

Often on 'small' projects working by yourself can have some great advantages, principally on the fact of having the total control of the different aspects of the final result.

However limitting yourself to this kind of projects would be not only rather unproductive but also make you loose the oportunity of experiencing the greats of collaborative work. I can say that all my collaboratives works (teams on web agencies or collaborating with other freelances) have been an enjoyable experience and a way to progress on my work.

I would like this site to be not only a portfolio site or a contact point with clients, but also a way to know other freelances, a way to contact and collaborate on bigger projects.

If you are a great programmer looking for a graphical 'dress' for your amazing app, game, site,... or an art director looking for a motion designer, animator or programmer to bring life your graphical concepts, ideas, characters,... don't hesitate and send me a message.

I would love to share interests, and if the occasion presents itself, partnering in bigger projects together.

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